Home Certification

SafeLumber will provide a certificate for inclusion in your homeowner's notebook detailing which parts of the structure are protected by SafeLumber. This certification may reduce insurance costs and increase resale value. The requirements for certification are a copy of the purchase invoice for the SafeLumber materials and a written statement by the construction contractor detailing how the SafeLumber products were used. Homeowners should provide a copy of the certificate to their insurance agent and should file a copy of the certificate in their homeowners notebook along with appliance and HVAC warranties.

Common uses of SafeLumber are:

  • Studs and plates (the most important fire rated item, see Fire Rated Studs)
  • Floor joists and plywood subfloor
  • Ceiling joists and rafters
  • Decking and sheathing plywood
  • Rough sawn lumber and beams, our sawmill can produce custom size lumber and beams including large sizes and long lengths

SafeLumber offers a limited warranty for loss of life in a SafeLumber home, see Warranty for details.