All SafeLumber products are pressure treated using the D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) process and are UL Classified with FR-S Rating. SafeLumber products are produced under UL inspection and are kiln dried after treatment. Each piece will have the UL inspection stamp.

  • All sizes of pine (SYP) and spruce (SPF) lumber
  • Spruce studs (the most important fire rated item, see Fire Rated Studs)
  • All sizes of plywood
  • Sturdifloor T&G plywood
  • Rough sawn lumber and beams, our sawmill can produce custom size lumber and beams including large sizes and long lengths

We carry some inventory of common items, but please allow two weeks for production and kiln drying of your order.

SafeLumber Pricing: In general the SafeLumber treatment adds in the range of one third to the cost of individual items but this usually works out to be less than 2% of the total home cost and is recovered through higher home resale value and insurance discounts.

SafeLumber installs exactly the same as untreated wood, no special tools or fasteners required.